Thu Jun 03 2021

Manage your AWS Lambda Layers with IaC

Serverless Framework and Terraform to the rescue

Fri May 28 2021

Event-driven architecture for dummies

Simple example using AWS and Terraform.

Mon Apr 26 2021

React.memo: I’ve still got a lot to learn

How a small change can increase app performance

Tue Feb 23 2021

Bootstrap your startup with AWS Activate Founders

How I launched Transcribe Ninja with zero money.

Mon Jan 25 2021

Don’t let your secrets spill out; use AWS Parameter Store

Easy way to access secrets like API keys in AWS Lambda

Thu Jan 21 2021

The story of returning GraphQL errors while not knowing the standard.

TL;DR Return status code 200 on your GraphQL calls.

Wed Dec 23 2020

AWS SQS hidden polling costs

Using queues with Lambda.

Mon Nov 30 2020

Manage Your Terraform State

Or how I learned to stop worrying about DevOps.